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Present vehicle-specific,
dealer-controlled monthly payments.

Dealertrack’s monthly payment calculator puts vehicle affordability front and center.

The moment a consumer says "I can afford this car!" is the moment a sale becomes much more likely. Don't lose a lead or a sale because your website’s payment calculator can only compute a best guess. Enable consumers to generate the most accurate monthly payment estimates with our state-of-the-art online payment calculator, PaymentDriver™.

The programs presented through your website are chosen and powered by you. Via your website, you can deliver side-by-side, vehicle-specific 1st pencil loan/lease payment calculations based on actual finance program data. Present real APR, residuals and incentives for VIN-specific new and used vehicles. Include reserve and rate mark-ups in the monthly payment, as well as the consumer’s down payment amount, term and trade value.

The result is a game-changing degree of payment accuracy that can earn you more sales.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides current APR data from dealer selected lenders.
  • Include lender and OEM rebates and Incentives.
  • Provides consumers with more accurate monthly payment amounts.
  • Helps visitors find the vehicle they can afford.


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