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Digital Retailing
Digital Retailing for Lenders

Drive loan originations from your
website like never before.

A simple and customizable solution that drives exclusive indirect loan originations from a lender’s website or in-network dealers’ websites.

Our Digital Retailing services are designed to complement the automotive buying process and guide more serious finance-ready shoppers down the path to purchase, while getting them financed through you. With Digital Retailing, website shoppers can securely apply for financing with your dealers for an indirect loan.

Dealertrack Digital Retailing is fully integrated with the Dealertrack platform helping simplify the automotive financing process and grow deeper partnerships with approximately 20,000 automotive dealers.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Fully customizable workflows based on your business needs.
  • Support lease, loan, and payment call applications.
  • Electronic transmission of consumer-supplied data reduces errors and speeds processing time.
  • Dealer receives lender-decisioned application in Dealertrack and their CRM to follow up with the applicant.
  • Integrate the finance applications with a sophisticated payment calculator and a trade-in offer tool.
  • Integrate with dealer inventory for even more complete and accurate deal data.


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