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  • "Dealertrack makes compliance easy

    with software, training and support."

    Troy Oneal
    Sales Manager / Hub Hyundai/Buick / TX

  • "I have been using Dealertrack since its

    inception and must say that they have always provided me with all the tools and then some...not only for compliance maintenance but for all of my needs."

    Terry Schaier
    Finance Director / Desert Buick GMC / NV

  • "Dealertrack is amazing. I remember when it was

    faxing apps, and waiting for days. Now it is minutes. Without it, I would be lost!"

    Bill Lively
    GSM / Hubbard Chevrolet / OR

  • "Dealertrack's compliance tool is easy to use and

    helps keep us out of hot water."

    Veronica Aranda
    Finance Manager / Expo Motorcars / TX

  • "I for one feel good about going the extra mile

    to be safer and more reliable. I'm a huge fan of the compliance measures."

    Braun Bivens
    Finance Manager / Rob Green Buick GMC / ID

  • "Dealertrack Compliance is such a great tool.

    I would be lost without it. Dealertrack tech support is always quick and efficient too!"

    Melanie Rose
    Owner / Alan Besco Car / OH

  • "Dealertrack Compliance helps keep us organized

    to make sure everyone gets what they are supposed to get."

    Martin Sharp
    Finance Manager / Preston Hyundai / OH

  • "I am pretty new to the F&I position but I have

    found your web site is very easy to navigate and makes it painless to get financing for our clients."

    Ingar Neuschaefer
    Finance Manager / Emich Volkswagen / CO

  • "It has been extremely helpful in keeping us in

    compliance. Customer info is secured much better than before and the ease of access is extraordinary."

    James Henderson
    Finance / John Keating / TX

  • "It's more or less a one hit button to show you

    are running compliance on all your customers...works great."

    John Rabenda
    Grand Subaru / IL

  • "It works great!"

    Kathy Gudas
    Finance Assistant / Motorwerks Partners / IL

  • "The risk based pricing helps me explain to

    customers how your credit score is determined and where they stand with other consumers."

    Ben Williams
    Manager / 3A Automotive / IN

  • "Dealertrack helps my dealership maintain

    compliance by allowing us to get the information we need to make sales happen...and quickly! Thanks Dealertrack!"

    Samuel Eddy
    Internet Manager / Hall Chevy Jeep Dodge Fenton / MI

  • "Thank you for your continuous improvements

    to make the sales process easier."

    Rob Ruger
    General Manager / Seelye Wright Kia Of Holland / MI

  • "Doesn't everything Dealertrack do help us immensely?"

    Joe Opolski
    Finance Manager / Roy O'Brien Ford Inc. / MI

  • "Dealertrack has and is very helpful and I have

    had no issues with this system. Overall great to use and efficient."

    Victor Rivera
    Finance Manager / Elhart GMC Hyundai / MI

  • "Dealertrack is the main tool I use for reports.

    Also, being able to track deals that all 6 of my finance managers have submitted is a must."

    Dana Hubbard
    Assistant Office Manager / Bommarito Old Mazda Infiniti GM / MO

  • "Dealertrack helps us submit deals faster than

    other systems and saves customers' information so it's easy to submit deals for repeat customers. Easy to read screens and helpful customer service."

    Ryan Balsley
    Finance Manager / Thoroughbred Ford / MO

  • "I love the Service."

    Corey London
    Sales Manager / Byers Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram / OH

  • "It keeps me organized in the office by telling

    me exactly when something was funded and has numerous reports that I use for checking our reserve funds."

    Crystal Kassens
    Office Manager / Meyer Motors Inc. / WI

  • "With one easy step, Dealertrack helps us

    starting from OFAC and Red Flags to Risk Based Pricing and Adverse Action notices."

    Lee Decker
    Finance Director / Kayser Nissan Inc. / WI

  • "I think it's working great...very useful!"

    Adrianna Salgado
    Business Manager / Boucher Ford of Menomonee Falls / WI

  • "The compliance dashboard makes it easy

    to track all users and make sure all are being compliant."

    Bruce Peach
    Sales Manager / Zimbrick Buick GMC / WI

  • “I’ve been in the automobile business for 37 years

    I was one of the first to get on board with Dealertrack and have seen them grow and develop to stay current with our ever changing industry and rules and regulations.”

    Greg Douglas
    General Manager / Ken’s Autos / KY

  • "Dealertrack is the best system I have ever

    used, and will not use anything else."

    David Lindsey
    Business Manager / Champion Chev / AL

  • "Dealertrack alerted me to the tools I needed

    to comply with the Red flag rules…Dealertrack is a great program for our dealership!"

    Darlene Pierce
    Co-Owner Office Manager / R&D Truck Sales / AL

  • "Every tool that you could need to stay in

    compliance is at our fingertips. Dealertrack has done an amazing job at making their system bullet proof, yet easy and efficient to use."

    Jeffrey Cox
    Business Manager / Palm Chevrolet Buick GMC / FL

  • "The ease of running a bureau and OFAC

    at the same time, along with adverse action reports, all help keep us compliant."

    James Zabel
    General Manager / Autobahn USA / MA

  • "I believe that Dealertrack has a simplified point

    and click process to provide necessary info for our customers."

    Archie Brown
    Finance Manager / Northpark Nissan / LA

  • "Dealertrack provides excellent support

    in compliance solutions and all the tools required for improving our business."

    Amin Rehman
    Finance Manager / Gaithersburg Mazda / MD

  • "Dealertrack helps us stay compliant and up to date

    with the latest tech."

    Maurice Moore
    Finance Manager / Acura of Memphis / TN

  • "Very happy with the Dealertrack Compliance.

    Helps to easily keep our store in compliance with little effort."

    Frieda Zadeh
    General Manager / Autobahn USA / MA

  • Everything works very well as it is. I would

    recommend the credit file features to highlight negative features in a credit file pulled...Other than that, Dealertrack is at the top of its game."

    Sherif Elbayar
    Finance Manager / Circle Chevrolet Co. / NJ

  • "Dealertrack helps us maintain compliance

    without us having to put up much effort at all. It's right there at our fingertips."

    Jason Jordan
    Manager / Maple Shade Mazda / NJ

  • "We love using Dealertrack!"

    Christopher Smith
    Finance Director / Kerbeck Chevrolet / NJ

  • "We use Dealertrack as our only checks and

    balances. It works well and is very easy to see what hasn't been completed."

    Brendan McLean
    Finance Manager / Armory Automotive / NY

  • "The OFAC clearance is effortless. Dealertrack

    makes it easy to be compliant, all while banking your deals in one place."

    Frank Montero
    Finance Manager / Atlantic Nissan / NY

  • "The idea of having every tool available with a

    couple of clicks gives me peace of mind. Dealertrack simplified an extremely complex part of my job."

    Brad Grossman
    Finance Manager / United Auto Sales of Utica / NY

  • "I pull all credit through Dealertrack so I can

    provide OFAC and risk pricing to protect my dealership."

    Michael Pirih
    Finance Manager / Spitzer Acura / PA

  • "Dealertrack is an excellent tool for any

    car dealer. It expedites the process of getting my customers financed and we get more deals done! Isn't that what we all want?"

    Joel Aaron
    Owner / Dj's Auto Sales / PA

  • "Compliance requirements are always evolving

    and Dealertrack's compliance solution helps ensure that our dealership is up to date."

    Marshall Danien
    Finance Manager / Infiniti of Willow Grove / PA

Is your dealership complacent or compliant?

With the constant changes in regulations and increase exposure to audits and litigation you can't afford to be complacent.

Dealertrack has the most comprehensive Sales and F&I suite of compliance tools to help you be prepared. Our compliance offerings are there with you throughout your entire deal flow; from credit transactions, Red Flags Rule ID verification, menu selling, tracking and reporting to securely storing your important and sensitive customer documents. Dealertrack can provide you with the most effective tools in the industry to ensure you and your dealership are protected.

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