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Registration and Titling Services

Combine local motor vehicle expertise with
online processing efficiency to expedite deals.

What separates Dealertrack Registration and Titling Services from the competition?
Only Dealertrack combines online processing technology with the local expertise of every regional motor vehicle department administration to provide a fast and easy solution to all registration and titling tasks.
  • Automated.
    Expedite out-of-state motor vehicle registrations and titles easily.
  • Convenient.
    Process motor vehicle transactions in real-time from your desk, using DMS data.
  • Hassle-free.
    Print temporary tags and registration cards at your dealership, on demand.

Dealertrack provides fast, online vehicle registration, titling and out-of-state processing for your dealership. Automotive and motorcycle dealerships can benefit from these fast and convenient services to eliminate some of their most burdensome tasks. And while you’re saving time, you’re also providing superior customer service. You can benefit by using one, or all of our solutions.

Additionally, in some states user friendly programs such as Cal Inq (CA) and eCalc (CA and NJ), will allow you to run DMV Inquiries and extract actual motor vehicle fees in real-time. Learn more about these features on their respective state pages in Online Registration and Titling (OLRS®).

If you are looking for information on our Electronic Lien and Title Services, please click here.


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