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Smarter Appraisals. Higher Profits.

TrueScore has been improved. Now your team has even greater power to make better appraisals, smarter buying decisions and higher Profit-per-day.

Missed trade opportunities and appraisal mistakes can cost your dealership thousands of dollars. Smart dealers know that while these components are important, they also need to consider actual sales transaction data to complete the picture.

To better accomplish this, Dealertrack now offers a new TrueScore Panel and Aging Report for Inventory+. This upgrade is highlighted by our addition of the Profit-per-day calculation and the change from the former ‘Core’ terminology to a more straightforward message that will put you in the driver’s seat when appraising and managing inventory.

TrueScore is the only tool that uses transactional data to determine vehicle performance at the dealership level and in the marketplace, allowing dealers to see instances where vehicles may perform one way in the market and the same or different at your individual store.

Inventory Recommendations
Dealership Level Marketplace Level
Profit Driver
represents your dealership’s best selling vehicles that net a better than average profit and a faster turn.
Consistent Seller
is identified as a vehicle that consistently sells at a high volume but at a lower than average profit at your dealership.
Market Performer
vehicles perform well in the marketplace, with a score of 55 or better, but may not perform well at the individual dealership.
Poor Performer
vehicles have a low market score and a low dealer score, indicating poor performance in both areas.
TrueScore  TrueScore  TrueScore  TrueScore 

Don’t rely on guesswork to manage your inventory. Make smart, quick decisions with TrueScore and maximize your Profit-per-day.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Transactional data that determines vehicle performance at the dealership level and in the marketplace.
  • The best of integrated book values and Manheim Reports.
  • Identify core vehicles and maximize profitability on all used inventory.
  • Automatically match vehicles on your buy list to the run list of favorite auctions.
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