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The smarter way to chat.

SmartChat® is more than just another chat program. It’s your 24-hour web concierge service. And it converts more shoppers into buyers.

With SmartChat’s powerful technology, chats “stick” to your dealer desktop and mobile websites, so shoppers can continue to browse your site without toggling back and forth or losing the chat. What this means to you is:

  • Increased time on site.
  • Better quality leads.
  • Increased retention rate.
  • Decreased abandonment rate.

Today over 94% of automotive shoppers start their search process online*, and you don’t want to miss the opportunities to capture those shoppers. Dealertrack’s Inventory+ SmartChat allows dealers to connect with potential buyers at their desktop or on-the-go with mobile, so content is delivered when, where and how the customer has inquiries.

Want to start turning leads into vehicle sales? Choose one of these three options:

Managed SmartChat

Let Dealertrack answer your chats.
Features a live inventory feed directly into our SmartChat software. This gives our team the power to find, push and discuss your actual inventory with chatters.

Benefits of Managed SmartChat on Desktop and Mobile:

  • Access fully integrated vehicle inventory. Attach interested vehicles that are sent back into your lead management or CRM, for more informed lead follow-up.
  • SmartChat connects dealers to shoppers on desktop or mobile. Our Managed SmartChat engages with shoppers and converts into qualified leads—85% of the time!**
  • Chats “stick” to mobile or desktop website. Shoppers can continue to browse your dealer website without toggling back and forth, increasing time on site.
  • Encourage friendly call to action. Static messages appear on desktop and mobile dealer sites.
  • Engage with shoppers. New social toolbar offers another way for shoppers to interact with the dealership.
  • Customize chat colors. Choose colors for the chat screen that complement your dealership website design.
  • Provide 24/7 coverage. When prospective customers have questions, we have answers, 99% of the time, 24/7.

Hybrid SmartChat

Want to answer your own chats, but need a backup?

Experience all the benefits of Dealertrack’s Managed SmartChat by letting us serve as a backup when your staff is unavailable or the dealership is closed.

Dealer Answered SmartChat

Want to just answer your own chats?

Our powerful chat software places your active inventory at your fingertips for quick and easy retrieval.

*Based on Capgemini Annual Global Automotive Study, 2013.
**Based on Inventory+ SmartChat report analytics from January 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014.


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